Richard Branson

the power of passsion...

...will your dreams become reality?

Robert Kaplan and David Norton

the power of balance...

...are you measuring the right things?

Peter Drucker

the power of simplification...

...are you doing the right things?

Eli Goldratt

the power of synchronisation... you understand the theory?

Tom Peters

the power of perfection...

...are you in search of excellence?

Peter Senge

the power of knowledge...

...are you committed to lifelong learning?

Jim Collins

the power to lead...

...can you go from good to great?

Bill Gates

the power of execution... you have the right stuff?

Stephen Covey

the power of thought...

...are you living your imagination?

Michael Porter

the power of strategy....

...can you provide a competitive advantage?

Gary Hamel

the power of revolution...

...can you reinvent yourself?

Daniel Goleman

the power of emotion...

...can you ignite the passion to inspire?

Clayton Christensen

the power of disruption...

...can your innovations change the world?

Ram Charan

the power of chaos...

...can you win in the age of uncertainty?

Ken Blanchard

the power of a quality minute...

...can you help someone to win at work?

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

the power of change...

...can you teach giants to dance?

Teresa Amabile

the power of small wins...

...can you ignite creative joy?

Sylvia Ann Hewlett

the power of a power sponsor...

...who is giving you a helping hand?

Amy Edmondson

the power of a team....

...can you compete in the talent race?

Deepak Chopra

the power of holistic vision... you challenge conventional wisdom?

Linda Hill

the power of collective genius...

...where are you in the emerging talent race?

Marshall Goldsmith

the power of mojo...

...can you design the future?

Steve Jobs

the power to inspire...

three apples changed the world, do you have the fourth?

Jack Welsh

the power of simple ideas...

...can you provide the edge?

Supply Chain Talent

The key to supply chain performance.

Complex decisions are made throughout the supply chain such as funding for strategic investments, least cost distribution models, optimal product mix, raw material sourcing, inventory planning, sales order promising, optimised production scheduling, Return on Supply Chain Assets, and replenishment planning. 

Real time complex cost vs. profit trade-off considerations are required to balance interdependent limited resources. 

The critical skills required to meet these challenges became a significant constraint in the optimal performance of competitive supply chains - where the risk and cost of failure is just too high!

What is...

A brief definition of Executive Coaching is:

  • An ongoing partnership that produce fulfilling results in personal and professional lives; and
  • Through a process of coaching, people deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance corporate performance.

Supply Chain Coaching is the process of equipping people with the tools, skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to develop and become more effective.


The cost of Executive failure is just too high…

The constant need to change and innovate to stay ahead of the game - combined with global economic pressures - make good executives hard to find and even harder to keep.

We focus on the core factors to develop a winning supply chain organisation by:

  • identifying key talent -  the "A-Players",
  • creating a culture of learning through knowledge sharing;
  • providding  advanced supply chain skills development; and
  • shape winning careers in Supply Chain.

Coaching for Organisations:

  • Enhance the organisations supply chain maturity;
  • Individual one-on-one coaching;
  • Create high performance supply chain teams; and
  • Focus on delivering real value as part of the skills development process.

Coaching for Individuals:

  • Build a winning supply chain career;
  • Manage your  career goals successfully with sound career guidance and mentoring; and
  • Enhance your supply chain skills and knowledge.

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names- an old Chinese proverb.

The question in future will no longer be “What is a supply chain coach?”, but rather “Who is your supply chain coach?”